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Gorgeous shoe, made for dance. Top perfomance, handling & stability. A really professional items look and feel.

Note about size: Eg. if you wear size 7 or 7.5 you should ordering a size 8 according to SIZES within this dance wear collections.

If you have further questions you can contact us

Turquoise princess

  • Please Understand ! REFUNDS are only accepted 24 hours after purchase!
    If something has a reasonable alteration issue we will do our best to fix it up to 10 days after purchase!

    About dance /tango shoes:if you've got a size that doesn't work & the shoe is never wore, we could exchange it for the proper size. Please send us an email (contact page ) explaining the situation. We love our customers and work diligently to satisfied them.

    We appreciate your understanding and business
    Thank you!

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