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As long as time goes by, one must be ready for the occacion... in or out, this sleek piece is designed for dancing, contemporary out night wear, Resort collection, as much as staying at home and get best the dance......

It's a handmade piece, minimalist style made using imported velvet, picture shows a  dark green color. Features: a deep  V  neck, open bare back, deep sided slit. Gown style, can be shorter aslenght desired.

Note: As we are updating to new gear, this piece dress comes with Complementary fashion protective mask included!

Fashion protective mask is designed for movement allowing oxigen come through. Comes with an inner filter which can be replaced once used. Fashion protective mask is 100% washable. A must have pieces !..Fall is here!,Fresh air, tango nights, resort vacation and more is all ready for you to enjoy...!

----More pictures coming soon-----

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by VeroSel

Contemporary Lili dress

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