Tanguera Chic 20 collection: this two piece set is handame, Caramel color, set to make you stand out, by keeping the bright side of pasional nights, where flesh and desire comes all in one...sublime tango nights .... passion and occults desires come aiive......

Features midi skirt, back ruffle, longer in back with tail ,uneven seam, front left or right side drappery allowing movement and openess as slit like.

Top: sleveless, close back, front peekaboo, lenght; to the waist. Can be longer if desired.

Note: this outfit comes with complimentary free matching protective mask.

Protective mask, is designed, specially for movement allowing air going through as much as protection, It has an inner paperfilter which can be replace. Totally washable in laundry machine or by hand.

A must have! Get Ready for enjoyment...! 

Apocalypse 20 Tango two piece set and mask