Time for colors & flowers is approaching!

First things first...Happy and wonderful Women s day!!! Darlings!!!!Its being tough some times, but here we go!'I'd like to present

you an intro of the new collection, patterns and more. This new outfits are suitable for playful times, going to dance afternoon milongas or ballroom as much as night! Is a great feeling being complimented by fellows when we know ourselves dressed with vibrant patterns and colors that elevate our inner selves and energy vibes... This butterfly skirt from Goddess collection

shown here as a preview and I ll be posting more photos with different models, colors and patterns from same collection. Lets get more dances!!!!!

Let your body moves and your imagination flows out of mind... feel the energy of flowers and fresh air coming through your senses.. while shaking the gray energy from the past..

Let your body moves and evolve to a new dance of life...

Tanguera Chic will unveil top collection spring -summer 2018! not to be miss!

Get your Coupon discount upon release!

Go to https://www.tanguerachic.com to get yours!

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