Life -Fashion- War- Love-Capsule collections S-S/F-W 20'21

Someone may ask about the singular title.... It has its hint, see when the fashion time arrives one must to evoke all of these aspects in order to create a collection piece which can or cannot be related to the present times...Sometimes fashion collection are timeless pieces that ones may wear and match with fade pieces, which is fine. Now, when times get a little difficult, a fashion designer looks towards inner side, through the life stories, through the new realities, in order to find inspiration. Ones its found, time to action!... This new capsule collection brings up, the new rising spirit, of a little madness, mixing with solitude, with a touch of class and minimalist style world. Its only a eighteen items which they ll be feature all those feelings taking to the viewer to a fantastic trip to admiral, sarcasm, tango, passion, madness, some hurting feelings from an past relationship, which can always could be updated, saved and renew... It has rhythm, music, energy, love passion and more... I Hope you like it,,, ! Salute! Verosel

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